Laws of Stupidity

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The Three Laws of Stupidity

By Casey Klein

In a discussion of stupidity the basic understanding revolves around the fact that there are three laws.  These are simple laws dealing with stupidity and can be defined as follows: 

First Law

Stupid can neither be created nor destroyed.  This means that you can’t make Stupid out of nothing— the total amount of Stupid in the universe is a constant.

Second Law

The second law refers to the state of stupid and is reflected in a measurement of the degree of disorder. In summary when we use a stupid source it is not destroyed but enters a more disordered state.  This makes the stupid less available to us and in converting the stupid means some loss.

Third Law

The third law is that everything does come to a stop. This is called absolute stupidity and is where the intelligence measurement is 0, (Zero).

Together, these laws help form the foundations of modern stupidity. These laws are absolute laws – everything in the observable universe is subject to them. Like time or gravity, nothing in the universe is exempt from these laws.

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