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questionWhy the heck would an author give his book away for free?  After months or possibly years of writing, editing, and rewriting, one’s book is finally ready to be published.  Although some are lucky enough to quickly find an agent or a publisher, most are not. Most Indie authors end up taking the road (more like a dark alley) of the self-published.

With over 7 billion people on Earth, one would think that finding readers would be easy once a book is published. Unfortunately, unless you are a famous writer such as Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, people will be skeptical to purchase your book. Let's face it, it’s a risky proposition to purchase an unknown author’s work. What if the storyline is not entertaining? What if the character development is poor? What if the grammar and misspellings are so bad that they distract from the story?

One approach to finding readers is through free book promotions. People are more likely to download a FREE book from an unknown author because there is no risk. With any luck, the readers will enjoy the book and write glowing reviews. Word of mouth references can then spark sales and hopefully these new readers will purchase other books from the same author.

There are thousands of places to advertise one’s book for a free promotion. This list is a quick reference of some places where I have recently registered my latest free book promotion for The Wolf's Curse. If any of the links stop working or if you know of other links that should be added to this list, please leave a comment below. I hope this list comes in handy for other authors trying to share their book with the world. Good luck!


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