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January 2013

Authors Helping Authors

Authors are in positions of power that very few understand and even fewer act upon.  Writing a book is the first step in achieving a goal.  For some, it is to raise awareness for a cause. For some, writing a book is therapeutic. And many just love to entertain.  Sure …

Don’t forget the fonts

Fonts may seem like a pretty boring subject, but they are tools that writers need to utilize properly. Fonts can be used to establish the mood of a book. They can be used for emphasis or dramatic effects. Font selection on a book cover may be the difference of your …

Free Books on Amazon

 After publishing “The Wolf’s Curse” on Amazon, I decided to run a free promotion on New Year’s Day. Sure, it took me months to write this book and more months to edit and prepare, but I was finally ready to share with the world. My passions went into creating these …


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